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Laying and Fusing Polyethylene Pipe in Corpus Christi

Polyethylene Pipe
With almost 40 years of experience in Corpus Christi, Fast Flow Pipe & Supply, Inc. has become the trusted company for polyethylene pipe laying. With proven durability, between 50 and 100 years depending on usage, PE pipe offers many advantages to metal or other materials. It does not corrode like metal and can withstand changes in temperature. While originally used for gas and oil applications in 1960, this material has proven to be a reliable solution for multiple uses. We can help you explore the advantages, including its lightweight versatility, for your project. Our pipes from Performance Pipe are made to last and can handle whatever you throw at them.

Installation and Delivery for Municipal, Industrial and Oil Field Clients

When we say PE pipe is flexible, we mean that both literally and figuratively. If you’re sourcing for a municipal water project, we can explain how its trenchless installation can reduce completion time, costs and even traffic disruption. Because it can be fused together instead of joined with fittings, it will help reduce the amount of water lost to leaks when compared to traditional metal systems. The trenchless option works well for anyone looking to limit impact in environmentally sensitive areas, too. Concerned about the size of your oil fields? Because the material is lightweight, we can arrange delivery in long coils that reduce the number of joints needed. These same advantages make this option a great choice for your industrial project. From system design to setting up at your site, we can help you create a reliable arrangement with the longevity you want.

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Don’t put off your Corpus Christi project because of concerns over size and scope. Instead, call Fast Flow Pipe & Supply, Inc. at 361-853-0441. Because we’ve been in business since 1979, you can depend on us for knowledgeable advice and service. If you need HDPE or culvert pipe installation, we can help with that as well.