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Selling and Installing Corrugated Drainage Pipe in Corpus Christi

Corrugated drain pipes are used for a wide variety of applications. Whether they are acting as a culvert under a highway or relaying water to agricultural fields, they see use in many different industries. Plastic drain pipes are fairly lightweight while still being sturdy enough to withstand a fair amount of abuse. There are also more flexible drainage pipes that can be used in less rigorous environments. We carry quality pipes from Hancor that are sure to match your needs. Whatever your need is, the experts at Fast Flow Pipe & Supply, Inc. in Corpus Christi can help.

How Culverts Work

A culvert is a piping system that moves water from one side of an obstruction to another. Culverts are most commonly used with roads, railways, driveways and other similar structures. A culvert is generally buried a bit below the surface and is created in a way that allows water to pass through it in a manner that doesn’t inhibit flow. A culvert is usually fairly short and is open on both sides. While the installation itself is not always arduous, the drainage structure must meet a variety of requirements including:
  • Traffic load: A culvert is generally located underneath an area that has high traffic amounts over it. The variety of options available mean that we can fill the specifications necessary for your pipes.
  • Easy installation: Corrugated pipe installation can generally be completed quickly. This means that it causes less disruption to daily events when it is being placed.
  • Durability: Corrugated pipe is extremely tough. Acidic soil and other harsh environments that can damage other materials do not affect HDPE pipes as much.

Repairs, Maintenance and More

If you are looking for a proven supplier for your corrugated drainage piping needs, look no further. Our piping supply company offers a variety of products and services to meet the needs of our commercial and industrial clients. To talk about what you need, call Fast Flow Pipe & Supply, Inc. in Corpus Christi today at 361-853-0441.