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Why Corrugated Plastic Pipes Are Ideal for Your Drainage Needs

A plastic pipe
A sudden problem with your company's drainage system can lead to all sorts of issues. You could end up with a leak or a backed-up drain pipe that could end up causing property damage or at least slow down your production. Either way, a faulty drainage system is sure to cost your business money.

If the time has come to replace the current piping in your drainage system, you have multiple replacement options to choose from. Today, many business owners choose to go with corrugated plastic for their piping needs. Here's why corrugated plastic pipes are the perfect solution for your company's drainage system.

Corrugated Plastic Piping Holds Up Over Time

Did your current drainage piping give out way too soon? Going with corrugated plastic can help you with this problem. Plastic is a durable material that is especially adept at holding up to harsh chemicals and acids. If you are in any kind of industrial business that produces hazardous waste, you will want your drainage pipes to be as sturdy as possible.

You'll find that any abrasion to the pipe's inner wall will be minimal when you go with corrugated plastic, allowing you to remain focused on your business instead of worrying costly repair. With corrugated plastic, you can also piece multiple pipes together without worrying too much about the joints connecting the pipes.

Corrugated Plastic Piping Is Lightweight

While corrugated plastic piping is durable and sturdy, it's also much more lightweight than a solid plastic pipe. The sturdiness is provided by the corrugated outer wall, but the pipe as a whole might weigh less or more than a solid plastic pipe of the same size.

Lightweight piping could also be beneficial if you ever need to move the pipes around. For example, a construction company might install piping at a work site to help control water runoff and then pack it up when the project is done. Lightweight piping will be easier to move when it's time to set up at the next construction site.

Corrugated Plastic Piping Is Cost-Effective

Because corrugated plastic pipes weigh less than solid pipes, they take fewer materials to create. Fewer materials in each pipe generally means a lower overall cost compared with solid pipes.

This kind of piping could also save you money if you are paying someone else to move the pipes. Less weight should mean lower transportation costs and greater fuel efficiency for whoever is moving them. You can likely fit more corrugated plastic pipes onto a truck or moving van than you could if you were moving solid plastic or concrete.

Corrugated plastic is also beneficial to your bottom line in that it is very low maintenance. It's unlikely you'll have to worry about things like rust, and if your pipes get bumped or run into from time to time, the strong plastic makes it less likely to crack or break.

If your current piping is not getting the job done, it might be time for a full replacement. To that end, make sure you take a long look at the benefits of corrugated plastic before you make your final decision.

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