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Understanding Trenchless Pipe Lining

Until recently, commercial and industrial contractors had to dig vast trenches to remove and replace old or damaged pipes. This traditional method of repairing pipes can be costly, time consuming, and generally disruptive. It isn't any wonder that trenchless technology is now considered among the biggest breakthroughs in piping technology. Pipe relining is one aspect of this technology which has changed the way pipe repair is performed.
Read on to learn more about trenchless pipe relining in commercial and industrial applications.
Basics of Pipe Lining
As the name suggests, pipe relining is an alternative to pipe replacement. The process entails using durable, flexible, and resistant materials such as corrugated pipe sheets to coat the interior of existing pipework.
Done properly, pipe relining can result in a seamless 'pipe within a pipe' that can withstand the pressures industrial or commercial piping systems are typically exposed to.
Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Lining
Today, contractors prefer trenchless pipe lining for several reasons.
Environmentally Friendly
Traditional trench digging can uproot plants, destroy and dirty waterways, and generally cause a mess to the landscape.
With trenchless pipe lining, contractors can repair and rehabilitate pipes without the need for extensive digging, therefore minimizing any adverse impact to the environment.
Time Saving
Even with the most advanced technology, digging out trenches - especially to access sealed, underground piping - can be a delicate and time-consuming process.
On the contrary, when using no-dig trenchless pipe lining technology, contractors can easily complete the rehabilitation process within a few hours. Shorter wait times eliminate inconveniencing disruptions, reduce potentially costly business downtime, and minimize labor costs as well.
Cost Savings
Trenchless pipe lining can offer significant cost saving benefits for several reasons. First, less digging cuts down on the amount of manpower a contractor may require at a worksite.
Second, trenchless technology minimizes cost-per-hour expenses. Additionally, lining existing pipes with a seamless, easy-to-install material can be more cost effective than buying new piping altogether.
Lastly, because trenchless pipe lining does not entail extensive uprooting of existing roads, sewer lining, and other infrastructure, contractors can significantly reduce the potentially high cost of repairing infrastructure damaged during the rehabilitation. 
Limitations of Trenchless Pipe Lining
While trenchless pipe lining offers many advantages, this rehabilitation method has some limitations.
In cases where pipes are too old or too damaged, lining the pipes may not be feasible.
Without proper installation, gaps can form at the point where the lining starts and ends, especially in the case of sectional pipe lining. This can result in the buildup of waste, pipe corrosion, and disruption of flow.
Hiring an experienced pipe installation company can minimize the potentially costly risk of poor pipe lining.
Process of Trenchless Pipe Lining
Depending on the nature of existing infrastructure, the needs of the client, available technology, and feasibility requirements, the particular method of trenchless pipe lining may vary from one contractor to another.
Nevertheless, pipe lining as a rehabilitative process generally involves several crucial steps:
  • Assessment of pipeline and existing infrastructure
  • Video inspection and pipe cleaning
  • Fabrication of lining material according to the dimensions of existing pipework
  • Installation of lining material
  • Curing of the lining material
  • Post-installation checkup 
Replacing worn pipes can be a significant expense, whether for municipal, commercial, or industrial infrastructure. While trenchless pipe lining has its limits, contractors can realize significant cost savings with this method. To see these benefits, be sure to find a piping company that understands the intricacies of pipe rehabilitation.
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