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New Innovations in High-Temperature Polyethylene Pipe

Polyethylene Pipe
High-temperature polyethylene pipe is used in many industries, including the mining, oil, paper and chemical processing industries. HTPE pipes are generally made from thermoplastic materials that retain their physical properties even after being exposed to extreme temperature variations. These pipes are used in applications with high operating temperatures, where stress cracks may be an issue and where chemicals or corrosion may be a concern. For those professionals who work in fields that rely on HTPE pipes, innovations are exciting.

Withstand Higher Temperatures

A new product in polyethylene pipes and fittings has recently been introduced that may change the way these pipes are used. The new pipes can withstand temperatures in high-pressure applications at much higher ranges (plus 40 degrees Fahrenheit and an additional 22 degrees Celsius). Under other circumstances, the new pipes could withstand temperatures up to 203 degrees Fahrenheit.

Quicker Installations

Another change is that the new piping systems can be installed more quickly. This is sure to save industry leaders money and time. The quality of the piping systems offer the same fusion standards of PE4710 materials.

Appropriate for Large Diameter Piping

If pipe size is an issue, the new HTPE piping supplies are noticeably appropriate. With a high oxidative stability and high melt strength, professionals can produce the large diameter pipes that are often required in industrial applications.
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